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Exploring the Best Banks in Nepal for Your Financial Needs

Nepal’s banking sector has witnessed remarkable growth and transformation over the years, offering a wide range of financial services to its customers. With numerous banks serving the diverse needs of individuals and businesses, it can be challenging to determine which ones stand out. 

For any person or even a corporate organization, banks are fairly important. Banks are the preferred method for transferring money, conducting transactions, and storing money for security. Loans and other services are offered by reputable banks in Nepal at affordable prices. All the banks in Nepal remain under the supervision of the central bank.

In this article, we will explore the best banks in Nepal that are distinguished for their unique offerings and commitment to excellence in the financial industry. The best banks in Nepal are categorized on the following basis:

    • Paid-up capital
    • Earning per share (EPS)
    • Reserve and surplus
    • Net profit
    • Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR)
    • Non-Performing Loan

Top 10 banks in Nepal

Paid up Capital

The following are the best banks in Nepal on the basis of Paid Up Capital.

S.NCompaniesSymbolPaid-up Capital (in Arba)
1Global IME Bank LtdGBIME35.77
2Nepal Investment Mega Bank LtdNIMB34.13
3Nabil Bank LimitedNABIL27.06
4Kumari Bank LtdKBL26.23
5Prabhu Bank LtdPRVU23.54
6Himalayan Bank LtdHBL34
7Prime Commercial Bank LtdPCBL19.40
8Agricultural Development Bank LtdADBL18.88
9NMB Bank LtdNMB18.37
10Rastriya Banijya Bank LtdRBB15.64

Earning Per Share (EPS)

The following are the best banks in Nepal on the basis of Earnings Per Share.

S.NCompaniesSymbolPaid-up Capital (in Arba)
1NIC Asia Bank LtdNICA46.29
2Standard Chartered Bank LtdSCB36.91
3Everest Bank LtdEBL30.74
4Rastriya Banijya Bank LtdRBB30.50
5Nabil Bank LtdNABIL25.21
6Nepal SBI Bank LtdSBI23.76
7NMB Bank LtdNMB19.47
8Sanima Bank LtdSANIMA18.32
9Machhapuchhare Bank LtdMBL17.57
10Prime Commercial Bank LtdPCBL16.96

Reserve and Surplus

The following are the best banks in Nepal on the basis of Reverse and Surplus.

S.NCompaniesSymbolPaid-up Capital (in Arba)
1Nabil Bank LtdNABIL27.35
2Standard Chartered Bank LtdSCB22.82
3Nepal Bank LtdNBL20.86
4Global IME Bank LtdGBIME20.03
5Rastriya Banijya Bank LtdRBB19.60
6NIC Asia Bank LtdNICA23.76
7Agricultural Development Bank LtdADBL13.76
8Everest Bank LtdEBL13.46
9Himalayan Bank LtdHBL12.16
10Kumari Bank LtdKBL10.57

Net Profit

The following are the best banks in Nepal on the basis of Net Profit.

S.NCompaniesSymbolNet Profit (in Arba)
1Nabil Bank LtdNABIL7.53
2Global IME Bank LtdGBIME4.36
3Rastriya Banijya Bank LtdRBB4.92
4NIC Asia Bank LtdNICA4.65
5Nepal Investment Mega Bank LtdNIMB4.29
6Standard Chartered Bank LtdSCB3.53
7NMB Bank LtdNMB3.41
8Nepal Bank LtdNBL3.41
9Everest Bank LtdEBL3.39
10Himalayan Bank LtdHBL3.27

Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR)

The following are the best banks in Nepal on the basis of Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR)

S.NCompaniesSymbolCAR (Capital Adequacy Ratio)
1Standard Chartered Bank LtdSCB17.12
2Agricultural Development Bank LtdADBL15.05
3Nepal Bank LtdNBL14.79
4Sanima Bank LtdSANIMA14.13
5Nepal Investment Mega Bank LtdNIMB14.10
6Rastriya Banijya Bank LtdRBB13.65
7Machhapuchare Bank LtdMBL13.57
8Laxmi Sunrise Bank LtdLSBL13.43
9NIC Asia Bank LtdNICA13.39
10Global IME Bank LtdGBIME13.37

Non-Performing Loan

The following are the best banks in Nepal on the basis of NPL

S.NCompaniesSymbolNPL (Non-Performing Loans Ratio)
1Everest Bank LtdEBL0.79%
2NIC Asia Bank LtdNICA0.80%
3Standard Chartered Bank LtdSCB1.17%
4Nabil Bank LtdNABIL1.23%
5Sanima Bank LtdSANIMA1.30%
6Siddhartha Bank LtdSBL2.01%
7Machhapuchare Bank LtdMBL2.12%
8Nepal SBI Bank LtdSBI2.43%
9Agricultural Development Bank LtdADBL2.48%
10NMB Bank LtdNMB2.72%

Global IME Bank, which among its competitors has the highest paid-up capital, has posted earnings of 4.35 billion. The company with the highest Earnings Per Share (EPS), NIC Asia Bank, trades under the code NICA and has an EPS of Rs. 46.29. The biggest net profit was recorded by Nabil Bank, reaching Rs 7.53 Arba. Having a high level of financial stability, Standard Chartered Bank Ltd. has taken the top spot with a Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) of 17.12. However, Everest Bank is in first place with the lowest non-performing loan ratio, which is a remarkable 0.79%.

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Which is the best bank in Nepal 2023?

Nepal Investment Mega Bank Limited (NIMB) has been honored with the “Best Bank in Nepal” at the Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2023.

Which bank is best for deposits in Nepal?

Global IME Bank (GBIME)has the highest deposits from customers among the commercial banks of Nepal.

Which is the safest bank in Nepal?

Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited (RBBL) is the most trusted and safest bank fully owned by the Government of Nepal.

What is the best time to bank in money 2023?

The most auspicious hours to deposit money are 9am – 11am and 11am – 1pm.

Which bank gives the highest interest rate on FD in Nepal?

Corporate Dev · 12.00% gives the highest interest Rate on FD in Nepal.

Which is the No 1 Bank of Nepal?

Certainly, here's the corrected sentence with proper grammar: These banks have had good performance in the past and can be considered as the number one banks: Global IME Bank Ltd, Nepal Investment Mega Bank Ltd, Nabil Bank Limited, NABIL, and Kumari Bank Ltd.


These banks provide a wide range of alternatives to satisfy your needs, whether you’re an individual seeking simple banking services or a corporation in need of specialized financial solutions. These organizations are anticipated to play a significant role in determining the financial landscape of Nepal for many years to come as the country’s economy expands.