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Golden Insights: Tracking Current Gold Prices in Nepal

Gold Prices in Nepal depend on various factors which we will discuss in this article. Gold refers to the yellow metallic element which is not subject to oxidation or corrosion. In terms of business, gold is both a consumer good and an investible asset. It is one of the densest of all metals and is a good conductor of heat and electricity. Nepal imports most of the gold from Dubai, Switzerland, and Turkey.

Today Gold and Silver Price in Nepal

Last update : Sept 19, 2023

1 Tola (१ तोला)Price NRs. (मूल्य रु)
Gold Hallmark (छापावाल सुन)113000
Gold Tejabi (तेजाबी सुन)112450
Silver (चाँदी)1410
10 Grams (१० ग्राम)Price NRs. (मूल्य रु)
Gold Hallmark (छापावाल सुन)96880
Gold Tejabi (तेजाबी सुन)96410
Silver (चाँदी)1209


1 tola = ~11.66 grams

100 Laal = 1 Tola

Trends of Current Gold Prices in Nepal

Here is the history of gold prices in Nepal over the past few days in Nepalese rupee:

Price of Gold Per Tola Date in BSDate in AD

Maximum and minimum price of gold in the last four years

Maximum and minimum price of gold in last last four years 
Maximum and minimum price of gold in last last four years

By looking at the data and previous price trends the gold prices in Nepal are not stable. In the short run, the price may increase or decrease depending on the factors influencing its price. we can see that the price of gold seems to increase in the long run.

Types of Gold Karats

  • 24K Gold: The 24K gold is the type of gold that is 100% pure without any alloy and metal addition. In other with it is non-alloyed. If gold is alloyed then it consists of gold that is combined with varied ratios of other metals or alloying additions. Although it is pure gold it is prone to bending and scratches due to its relatively soft composition.
  • 22K Gold: The 22K gold is the type of gold that contains 22 parts of gold mixed with two parts of other metal or alloys such as copper, bronze, zinc, etc. This type of gold is also called 916 gold because it contains 91.67% of pure gold. This gold is less expensive in comparison to 22k gold.
  • 18 K Gold: 18k gold is a type of gold that consists of 75% of pure gold and 25% of it are alloy. Due to its high gold content, it is unlikely to cause any allergic reaction.
  • 14K Gold: This type of gold are most commonly used gold for jewellery settings. It is composed of 58.3% gold and 41.7% alloy. It is the perfect balance for durability. affordability and appearance.
  • 10K Gold: This type of gold is the lowest solid gold alloy which contains 41.7% gold and 58.3 % alloy. It is pale yellow and it is the least yellowish of all karat types.

Factors influencing gold prices in Nepal

  • Global economic condition: The global economic condition of a country determines its costs and expenses. It plays a vital role in the predictability and volatility of the gold market around the world.
  • Inflation: Inflation typically has an indirect impact on the price fluctuation of gold. The demand for gold tends to increase in times of high inflation as investors seek out safe-haven assets. Similarly, the weakened purchasing power due to interest rate hikes can drive up the demand for gold.
  • Interest rates: The interest rates and gold traditionally have a negative correlation. What matters in the pricing of gold are the real interest rates.
  • Geopolitical events: Geopolitical risk triggers increased risk aversion among investors.
  • Demand and supply dynamics: The demand and supply dynamics differ on how the gold has been supplied in the market and at what rate and quantity.
  • Jewelry industry: Out of all industries in the world, most precious metals and stones pass hand in hand in a supply chain that has barely changed in a hundred years. Many of the price is determined by the sales of the jewelry industry. If one product of gold sales are higher than another can go down so it determines the price of gold.
  • Central bank reserves: Because gold has safe, liquidity, and return characteristics it is an important component of central bank reserves.
  • Currency exchange rates: When the currency dips in value gold typically rises enabling central banks to protect their reserves.

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How to buy gold in Nepal?

You can buy gold in two ways:

  • Jewelry stores and gold dealers: There are a large number of jewelry shops and gold dealers who sell gold. We can buy gold from the shops that give it in an appropriate amount and while dealing with a dealer we should make sure the dealer and the gold are genuine.
  • Online gold trading platform: Nowadays more than half number of the work is done through technologies and tools. Similarly, there are several gold trading platforms from where we can purchase gold.


What is the gold prices in Nepal per tola?

The price of gold is Rs. 1,11,200 for Fine Gold and Rs. 1,10,650 for Tejabi Gold per tola, as per the date of 2080-05-28.

What is the white gold price in Nepal?

The price of white gold also known as platinum is 34,597.69 per tola as per the date of 2080-05-27.

What are tips for buying gold?

The tips for buying gold are: 1. Strictly buy physical gold 2. Compare the stock price of gold 3. Only buy gold you have ownership o

How much is one tola?

1 tola is equals to 11.66 grams of gold.

How much is one tola in Nepal?

One tola generally means 11.7 grams in the metric system in Nepal.

What is the price of silver in Nepal?

The price of silver in Nepal is Rs. 1385 per tola as per the date of 2080-05-28.

Will 24K gold turn the skin black?

No, 24K gold is pure gold with no mixed alloy or metal so it won't turn your skin black.

How can we tell if it's 24K gold or not?

We suggest you consult with the jeweler when trying to establish whether the gold is 24K or not. Alternatively, you can do a home experiment where you put few drops of vinegar onto the product and wait for some minutes. If the gold changes its color then it's not a 24K gold or pure gold.


In this article, we talked about the gold prices in Nepal over the years and the factors affecting the price of gold. Out of all precious metals gold is most popular for investment. It is sensed as a symbol of power and grandness. Gold has held a special place in the human imagination since the beginning record of time. The price of gold is not steady when the facts and prior price patterns are taken into consideration. The price may rise or fall in the near term based on the variables affecting its pricing. We can see that the Gold Prices in Nepal are upward in the long run.