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How can I start affiliate marketing in 2024?

Start affiliate marketing in 2024
Start Affiliate Marketing

Your Beginner’s Guide to Start Affiliate Marketing in 2024. Thinking of making money online? Affiliate marketing could be your answer! In this guide for 2024, we’ll go through the essential steps to help you start affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Simply put, affiliate marketing is like recommending things to your friends and getting a little something back. You promote other people’s products, and when someone buys through your recommendation, you earn a commission.

Types of Affiliate Marketing

  1. Involved Affiliate Marketing: Affiliates are actively involved in promoting the product or service. They create cool content – blogs, reviews, videos – to interest people.
    You do the talking, creating original stuff.
    Big online presence, like a blog or YouTube.
  2. Unattached Affiliate Marketing: Unattached affiliate marketing is chill and more passive. Here affiliates use generic affiliate links, no need for specific content.
    Use display ads or social media.
    Not deeply tied to any content, just getting clicks.
  3. Related Affiliate Marketing: There is a particular connection between the affiliate’s content and the affiliate’s products. Stay in the same neighborhood. Promote stuff related to your content or niche.
    Pick things your audience cares about.
    Adds value by suggesting related products.

How Does affiliate marketing work?

How Does affiliate marketing work

After you create your affiliate profile, you get a special link. That special link should be used While you promote any product. When someone clicks on it and buys something, you make money. All of this is tracked through special systems so that everyone gets a fair deal.

Who are the participants in the affiliate market?

Let’s talk about the main players in the affiliate marketing:

  • Affiliates (That’s You!): These are the folks promoting the products. You share your special link and earn money when people buy through it.
  • Sellers (Companies Selling the Stuff): These are the companies whose products you’re promoting. They pay you a little something for bringing in customers.
  • Networks (Optional): Sometimes there are middlemen called networks that connect affiliates with sellers. They help manage the tracking and payments.
  • Consumers (People Buying the Stuff): These are the ones who click on your link and buy the product. They get what they want, and you get a little commission.

How do you earn from affiliate marketing?

Now, let’s talk about how you make money:

  • Per Sale: You earn a percentage of the sale when someone buys through your link. So, the more they buy, the more you make.
  • Per Click: Some companies pay you just to get people to click on your special link. Even if they don’t buy anything, you still earn a little.
  • Per Lead: In this case, you get paid for getting someone to sign up or show interest, even if they don’t buy right away. It’s like getting credit for bringing in potential customers.

How Much Does an Affiliate Marketer Make?

Imagine you’re helping a friend sell cookies. For every box your friend sells because of your recommendation, they give you a small reward, like a dollar. So, the more cookies your friends buy through your recommendation, the more money you make.

Similarly, in affiliate marketing, you promote products. When people buy those products through your recommendation, you earn a reward (commission). The amount you earn depends on how much the product costs and the commission rate. Some products might give you a bigger reward than others.

For instance, if you promote a $50 gadget and the commission is 10%, you’d earn $5 for each sale. If you can convince lots of people to buy the gadget, you make more money.

Here’s a simple way to figure out a basic idea of your potential earnings:

Let’s say you join a program where you get a 10% commission on each sale, and you manage to make 50 sales in a month. If the things you’re promoting are worth $50 each, your earnings for the month could look something like this:

Monthly Earnings = (50 sales/month) x ($50/sale) x 0.10 = $250/month

But remember, this is just a simple example. The real world is a bit trickier. Your earnings can go up or down based on what you’re promoting, how much it costs, and even how good you are at convincing people to buy.

If you’re promoting things that cost more or if you’re in a program that gives you a bigger commission (some programs even give you half of what people spend!), you could make a lot more. On the other hand, if you’re promoting cheaper stuff with smaller commissions, you might make less.

Now, let’s peek at what some others are doing. In a recent study, it was found that out of all the people doing affiliate marketing:

  • About 3.5% were making more than $150,000 every year.
  • Almost 8% were in the $100,000 – $150,000 range.
  • Around 5% were earning between $50,000 and $100,000.
  • A good chunk, about 16%, made between $10,000 and $50,000.
  • And the majority, around 58%, earned less than $10,000 from their affiliate marketing efforts.

So, as you can see, there’s potential to make a decent amount, especially if you find the right things to promote and get good at it.

What are the ways to do affiliate marketing?

Some of the ways to do affiliate marketing are as follows:

  • Blogs: Writing a blog is like telling a story. You can share your experiences with a product, why you love it, or how it solved a problem for you. Readers trust personal stories, making them more likely to click on your affiliate link and make a purchase.
    Example: If you’re promoting fitness products, you could write about your fitness journey, the challenges you faced, and how a particular product helped you achieve your goals.
  • Social Media: Social media is where you share exciting updates with your friends. Share posts, images, or even short videos about the products you’re promoting. The more engaging and shareable your content, the more people will see and potentially buy through your link.
    Example: If you’re into fashion, post pictures of yourself wearing the latest trends and mention the brands you love with affiliate links.
  • Videos: Making videos is like showing and telling. Create videos demonstrating the products, sharing your thoughts, and providing valuable insights. Video content can be more persuasive and personal, helping you connect with your audience.
    Example: If you’re promoting tech gadgets, create unboxing videos or tutorials showcasing how the gadgets work.
  • Emails: Sending emails is like writing personal letters to your friends. Build a mailing list of people interested in your niche and regularly send them emails about products you recommend. Use a friendly tone and focus on providing value.
    Example: If you’re in the beauty niche, send emails with tips on skincare routines and recommend products with affiliate links.
  • Forums and Communities: Participating in forums or online communities related to your niche allows you to join conversations. Share your expertise, answer questions, and subtly recommend products. Be genuine and avoid sounding too promotional.
    Example: If you’re in the gaming niche, participate in gaming forums, share your favorite games, and recommend accessories.
  • Podcasts: Podcasting is like having a conversation with your audience. Share your thoughts, interview experts in your niche, and casually mention the products you’re affiliated with. Podcasts create a sense of intimacy and trust.
    Example: If you’re promoting productivity tools, create podcast episodes discussing time-management tips and recommend the tools that have helped you.

Remember, the key is to find the methods that align with your strengths and resonate with your audience. Experiment with different approaches, and over time, you’ll discover the strategies that work best for you in the exciting world of affiliate marketing!

Why you should try affiliate marketing?

There are several beneficial reasons to start affiliate marketing:

  • low-cost to start making money online.
  • You can work from anywhere which makes your work flexible.
  • You can do it on the side of your regular job or other commitments.
  • Low Risk
  • Easy to scale

How do I start affiliate marketing as a beginner?

  • Pick a Niche(sector): Choose something you are good at and interested in. The more your niche is popular, the more traffic you are likely to get.
  • Build Your Online Space: Create a simple website or blog. Make it look nice and easy to find on Google. your platform can be your website, YouTube, social media, podcast, or newsletter.
  • Find Good Affiliate Programs: Look for companies with fair commissions and a good reputation.
  • Create Content: Write a blog or make videos about the things you’re promoting.
  • Spread the Word: Share your content on social media, through emails, or wherever your audience hangs out.
  • Emails Are Powerful: Collect emails and send helpful stuff. It’s a great way to keep people interested.
  • Share your content on social media, through emails, or wherever your audience hangs out.

Top Affiliate Marketing Websites:

Explore these reputable affiliate marketing platforms where you can join programs and start earning commissions:

  • Amazon Associates: Join the world’s largest online retailer and promote a vast range of products for commission.
  • ClickBank: Discover a marketplace with a diverse array of digital products, making it an excellent choice for various niches.
  • ShareASale: A leading network with thousands of affiliate programs covering various industries and niches.
  • CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction): Connect with advertisers offering diverse products and services with global reach.
  • Rakuten Marketing: Partner with well-known brands and earn commissions through Rakuten’s extensive network.
  • Impact: Explore a global affiliate marketing platform with a focus on technology and innovation.
  • FlexOffers: Access a wide range of affiliate programs across different industries, offering flexibility for marketers.
  • Awin: Connect with a global affiliate network, working with brands from different parts of the world.

Tips for Success:

  • Keep Learning: Stay updated on what’s happening in affiliate marketing.
  • Connect with Your Audience: Be friendly and helpful. People like that.
  • Try Different Things: Experiment with different ways of promoting. See what works best.
  • Utilize Analytics: Dive into the numbers. Understand what’s working and what needs improvement.
  • Optimize for Search Engines: Learn the basics of SEO to make your content discoverable on search engines.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

How long does it take to see results in affiliate marketing?

Results vary, but many affiliates start seeing results within a few months of consistent effort. The key is to stay patient and persistent.

Do I need a website to start affiliate marketing?

While having a website can be beneficial, it’s not mandatory. Many affiliates find success through social media, YouTube, or other platforms. Choose the approach that aligns with your strengths and audience.

Are there upfront costs in affiliate marketing?

Generally, affiliate marketing has low startup costs. However, investing in quality content, tools, or advertising can enhance your chances of success. It’s possible to start with minimal expenses.

How much can I earn through affiliate marketing?

Earnings in affiliate marketing vary based on factors like your niche, audience size, and marketing strategies. Successful affiliates can earn a substantial income, with some achieving a full-time living solely from affiliate marketing.

Is affiliate marketing suitable for beginners?

Yes, affiliate marketing is beginner-friendly. Many successful affiliates started with little to no experience. The key is to learn continuously, choose a niche you’re passionate about, and experiment with different strategies to find what works for you.


Start affiliate marketing in 2024 it’s like embarking on a new adventure. By picking the right niche, sharing your thoughts, and staying open to learning, you’re on your way to turning your online dreams into reality.

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