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How do I know the IPO allotment time on the date of the allotment

The IPO allotment date is the day on which the allotment status is made public on the IPO registrar’s website. IPO allotment result times can vary, so it’s advisable to check closer to the allotment date. 


How do I know the IPO allotment time on the date of the allotment?

There are several ways to verify whether you have been allotted shares in an IPO:

  1. Stock Exchange’s Official Website (e.g., NEPSE): Visit the official website of the stock exchange where the IPO is listed. Look for the IPO allotment section to check your status.
  2. Registrar’s Website: The registrar handling the IPO usually provides an online platform to check allotment status. Visit their official website and enter the required details.
  3. Financial News Sites or Company’s Website: Stay updated with financial news sites or check the official website of the company issuing the IPO for any announcements regarding allotment.
  4. Broker’s Platform: Log in to your broker’s platform and check your IPO application status. If you have been allotted shares, the status will indicate ‘allotment received’; otherwise, it will show ‘allotment not received.’

How would I know if I have been allotted the shares?

How would I know if I have been allotted the shares

The list of people who were allotted shares is made public by the issuer’s manager on the day of allotment. Online platforms are so easily accessible, this information can be obtained quickly after it is made public. IPO result check can be performed by yourself on the CDSC official site, mero share, and IPO Issue Manager’s Website.

However, If you receive an allotment, you can expect notifications through various channels:

  • Registrar’s Email Notification: The registrar will inform you about the IPO allotment on the Refund day through an email. This email will provide detailed information about the allotment.
  • Broker’s Communication: Your broker will notify you through SMS and Email if you have received an IPO allotment. Additionally, they will keep you informed about the shared credit in your account on the refund day.
  • Depository Notification: On the refund day, your Depository will inform you about the credit of shares in your account resulting from the IPO allotment.

Stay attentive and monitor these channels to stay informed about the status of your IPO application.

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How do I know if my IPO is successful?

The IPO allotment status can be verified on the registrar's website. It can also be found on the CDSC official website and the Mero sharing site.

How can I check my FPO result in Nepal?

The public can easily obtain the IPO outcomes via Mero Share, the company's official website, and the sales manager's website.

What is the IPO Allotment Status?

The IPO Allotment Status certifies and details the distribution of shares to investors in an IPO, including the quantity of awarded shares based on parameters such as subscription amount and demand. Investors can verify the outcome of their IPO application by checking its status online using their application or folio number.

Is IPO allotment based on luck?

If the number of investors significantly exceeds the available IPO shares, the IPO selection process is likely conducted through a lottery draw. Additionally, if the number of investors and the total available shares (kitta) are divisible by the minimum allocation of 10 kitta per investor, the distribution is carried out accordingly.

How can I increase my chances of getting an IPO allotment?

Go for a single lot, spice things up with multiple demat accounts, nail that cut-off cost, dodge technical rejections, grab some shares of the parent company, and don't forget to dive into the retail category.


To check IPO allotment, visit the registrar’s site on the allotment date. Use stock exchange sites, registrar platforms, and financial news sites. If allotted, the list is published on platforms like CDSC and Mero Share. Notifications come via email from the registrar, SMS, email from your broker, and Depository notifications on the refund day. Stay vigilant, as allotment times vary. You can buy and sell shares at any time during the trading hour; however, it is advisable to sell your IPO shares when you receive a favorable price.

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