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Navigating Interest Rate Of Nabil Bank: Your Comprehensive Guide

The interest rate is the amount that a lender charges to the borrower for the cost of debt. It is also the percentage of the principal amount. Different banks collect different rates of interest from the principal amount. Likewise, Nabil Bank has been one of the top banks in Nepal which is moving consistently towards the attainment of its visions.

Nabil Bank which has carved a foundation in developing the financial services industry in Nepal was established in 1984 AD. 

What is the Interest rate of Nabil Bank?

The interest rate of Nabil Bank on the savings deposits is 4.7% to 7.7% depending on the type of savings account.

The interest rate of Nabil Bank on fixed deposits for Individual-Normal accounts is 9.10% for periods exceeding 3 months. Additionally, the rate is 10.10% for the Individual-Remittance fixed deposit account.

The interest rate of Nabil Bank varies depending on the different types of loan and deposit accounts people hold. The interest rate of Nabil Bank is given below:

Business Loans Interest Rate (% per annum)
Directed SectorUp to 5%
Deprived Sector Loan (DSL)

  • Direct Deprived Sector Lending

-Up to 5%

Interest Subsidized Loan as per NRBUp to 2%
Export Finance Up to 5%
Term LoanUp to 5%
Working Capital loan
  • Overdraft/Demand loan/Cash credit
-Up to 5%
  • TR/import loan
-Up to 5%
  • Working Capital Term Loan
-Up to 5%
  • Short Term Loan (STL)
-Up to 5%
  • Structured Short-Term/Loan Time
-Up to 5%
Institutional Auto Finance Up to 5%
Equity Mortgage LoanUp to 5%
Channel Financing Up to 5%
Nabil Sakchyam Karza Up to 5%


Retail LoansInterest Rate (% per annum)
HousingUp to 5%
MortgageUp to 5%
AutoUp to 5%
EducationUp to 5%
Personal OverdraftUp to 5%
Corporate Employees LoanUp to 5%
Nabil Personal Loan/OD for EmployeesUp to 5%
Nabil Sahayatri KarzaUp to 5%
Gold LoanUp to 5%
Nabil Fone Loan Up to 5%
Fixed-rate Education Loan 13.99%
Fixed Rate Retails Loan Products
  • Up to 5 years
  • Up to 14.49%
  • Above 5 years to 7 years
  • Up to 14.49%
  • Above 5 years to 10 years
  • Up to 14.49%
  • Above 10 to 15 years
  • Up to 14.49%
  • Nabil Dhukka Ghar Karja
  • Up to 11.99%


Loan AgainstInterest Rate (% per annum)
Fixed Deposit (Nabil Bank)Upto 3.5 %
Fixed Deposit (Other Banks)Upto 3.5 %
1st class Bank GuaranteeUp to 5%
Other Banks GuaranteeUp to 5%
Government SecuritiesUp to 5%
Loan Against ShareUp to 5%
LCY loan against FCY depositsUp to 5%


Different Kinds of Loan Products (Other Loan)Interest Rate (% per annum)
Base rate or coupon rate whichever is higher plus premiumUp to 3.5 %
Average base rate applicable for Bhadra 2080 (Last three month’s average)Up to 9.52%

The above-tabulated information shows the interest rate of Nabil Bank on every different type of loan.

DepositsInterest Rate (% per annum)
Saving DepositsUp to 8.90%
Fixed Deposits Up to 11.49%
Call DepositsUp to 2.95%

The above-tabulated information shows the interest rate of Nabil Bank on every different type of deposit.

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What is Simple Interest?

Simple interest is the calculation of the interest for the loan or principal amount.

What is the rate of interest?

In simple terms, the rate of interest is the amount of the debt or the principal amount.

How can I borrow a loan from the bank?

In order to borrow a loan from the bank you have to go to the inquiry sections on the bank and keep your conditions and reason for taking a loan among the bank staff. After certain procedures, they'll decide if you can borrow a loan or not.

Can I get monthly interest on my fixed deposit?

Yes, you can get a monthly interest rate on your fixed deposits according to your deposited amount of funds.

What is a fixed deposit?

Fixed deposit is a risk-free investment where you can deposit a certain amount for a fixed period where you get paid the guaranteed interest rate at the end of the period.

What is the interest rate of Nabil Bank saving account?

The Nabil bank provides 8.4 percentage in its saving deposit.

How much interest does Nabil bank give in fixed deposit?

The Nabil Bank provides 9.99 percent interest rate in individual fixed deposit.

What is the interest rate for Nabil education loan?

The interest rate for Nabil education loan is 9.52% - 14.52% depending upon the type of your loan.


In Nepal, we can see many people who aren’t known of the financial advantages and goods that many financial institutions provide us. Many people need to be made aware of the fact that investing in financial institutions and depositing certain funds in the bank can help in wealth maximization as well as profit gains. The interest rate of Nabil Bank table gives you information on how much interest rate is fixed for the deposits as well as the loan section.