Legal Excellence in Nepal: Your Guide to Finding the Best Law Firm in Nepal

law firm in Nepal refers to the association of two or more lawyers working together as a business whereas Law refers to the set of rule and principle that regulates the actions of human beings. It is defined as a business entity that includes a group of lawyers. Law firms in Nepal can be based on different types, different fields, and different areas. The law firms in Nepal may have different practice areas and specializations.

What are the types of Law firms in Nepal?

A law firm is an organization that employs lawyers to represent their client’s cases and argue for them to achieve certain goals. The law firms vary in different aspects. Hence the types of law firms in Nepal are:

1. Law firms by size

  • Solo law firms: Solo law firms are business entities handled by a single lawyer single-handedly. There can be only one attorney or staff present in the firm and that single attorney handles every client. Solo law firms can have the potential to choose the clients and make the decision by themselves without any second-party intervention in their business.
  • Small law firms: Small law firms sometimes called “boutique” law firms are business entities where two or a dozen lawyers or attorneys are present. Managing a small firm poses unique challenges to legal lawyers. Here the clients can have the option to choose any lawyer they find capable of winning the court case for them.
  • Boutique law firms: Boutique is another small firm but the number of lawyers here exceeds that of small firms. In this business entity, more than two and not more than twenty attorneys should be present. Working in a boutique firm offers the advocates obtain hands-on background and connections with other law firms as well.
  • Medium law firms: A medium-sized law firm offers the same services as other law firms but with slightly increased human resources and financial resources. Medium-sized law firms have to prove to their clients that they are the best of both solo and small firms.
  • Large law firms: While normally focusing on large law firms, this type of firm generally has upwards of 3,000 attorneys. This firm may include multiple legal departments. Unlike small and medium firm large firm operates large corporate clients and also handle individual clients. The large law firm signs multiple cases daily because it has a large number of staff or attorneys.

2. Law firms by practice area

There are massive numbers of lawyers who are divided by the practice area. Single lawyers may also have practiced in one or more areas. Each practice area has a different specialization. Different practice areas of lawyers may include state law, business law, family law, civil law, and more. They choose their area themselves by their own will and interests.

3. Law firms by legal service

Many law firm offers clients consultation for legal information and document review. These legal services may include:

  • Divorce
  • Marriage registration 
  • Litigation

Best Law firm in Nepal 

Imperial Law Associates:

Nabin Bhandari, Surendra Tiwari, and Deepesh Ojha co-lead the firm. Bhandari handles corporate, project finance (especially hydropower), and intellectual property. Ojha focuses on project finance, offering advice on corporate, finance, and telecoms. Tiwari heads litigation, dealing with corporate, FDI, labor, and cyber security matters. It’s a dynamic trio, each bringing unique strengths to cover a wide legal spectrum. Practice head: Nabin Bhandari, Surendra Tiwari, Deepesh Ojha

Pradhan & Associates:

Devendra Pradhan and Shirshak Ghimire are partners in Pradhan & Associates. Devendra Pradhan, Senior Advocate is the head of the team. he has expertise in advising cross-border M&A, project finance, commercial litigation, and IP work. associate  Shirshak Ghimire is available at any time for your help. He is also good in high-value cross-border M&A work and litigation. Practice head: Devendra Pradhan

Pioneer Law Associates:

Established in 1982 by four specialized lawyers, Pioneer Law Associates aimed to create an institutional setup for expert legal services in commercial, civil, and criminal laws. With strong ties to leading international law firms, Pioneer Law has collaborated on numerous transactions.

Shiva Prasad Rijal, a senior advocate and partner, specializes in the banking sector in Nepal, contracts, labor, aviation, international trade, corporate transactions, and litigation. Anup Raj Upreti, the managing partner and a Licensed Advocate of the Nepal Bar Council, focuses on labor, insurance sector, tax, aviation, intellectual property, and corporate and transaction advisory services. Tilak Bikram Pandey contributes expertise in labor, insurance, tax rates in Nepal, aviation, intellectual property, and corporate advisory services.

Neupane Law Associates: 

Neupane Law Associates is a leading corporate law firm in Nepal, covering areas such as arbitration, banking, corporate, construction, foreign investment, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, project finance, property, technology, taxation, and litigation.

Balkrishna Neupane, the senior partner, is renowned for expertise in constitutional, commercial, corporate, and property laws. Partners Anjan Neupane and Tej Bahadur Katuwal, along with Senior Consultant Keshav Adhikari, contribute to the firm’s diverse legal services, specializing in banking, corporate matters, commercial law, property, and dispute resolution. Together, they bring extensive experience to the Nepalese legal landscape.

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What is a Law firm?

A law firm refers to the association of two or more lawyers working together as a business.

What is the monthly salary of a lawyer?

The monthly salary of a lawyer ranges from 20000NPR to 60000NPR and more according to the cases the lawyer chose to fight for.

Who is the first lawyer of Nepal?

The first lawyer of Nepal is Devnath Prasad Verma.

What is a law firm partner?

A law firm partner is not different from a business partner. In the firm, the partner holds half ownership as the other.

What is a full-service law firm?

A full-service law firm is a firm where you'll get legal assistance who is equipped to handle all aspects of the case.


The article presents you the information on law firms in Nepal and their types. In Nepal, there are a lot of lawyers who have different practical areas. There are many ways to search for attorneys according to your legal issue. You’ll want a lawyer who knows your state law and understands your goals. There are several small medium and large size law firms. There are different types of law firms in Nepal, from small to large firms. Also having a solo firm does not mean the attorney is less experienced.