How to Watch Live Cricket Streaming: 100% free and working

Live Cricket Streaming
Live Cricket Streaming

Hey, Fans of Cricket!

Welcome to our site, where you will learn how to watch live cricket streaming for free and without having to listen to the annoying noises that are frequently heard on Facebook’s live portal, like “link me click karey, etc.”

We’ll show you how to watch live cricket streaming easily, whether you choose to use a computer or a mobile device.


Detailed Process:

It is a simple website through which you can watch the live streaming of cricket provided by various channels like StarSports, PTV Sports, A Sports HD, and many more.

It’s completely free and no need to be worried about any ads. To get into the site Click Here and join the channel. 

Once you enter the website, you’ll see the different matches that are being live-streamed with proper titles and live statuses. Click on the red watch button as shown below:

Please note that only live matches appear in red. If the below screen doesn’t open then press ctrl+w or close the newly opened tab and open the previous one to get into the above screen again and press the watch button again to get to the below screen.

After clicking the “watch” button, a list of channel names will appear, and each of them will be broadcasting your selected match live.

Now click on the respective “Channel Link”. For Hindi commentary, we suggest Star Sports 1 Hindi or whatever you like.

After clicking on the watch button the player screen appears but it’s at first muted and you need to unmute the stream.

It’s a little bit tricky but quite easier once you gain knowledge about the site. Click on the button “CLICK UNMUTE STREAM”.

But please note that every click must be when the hand cursor appears.

If you’re using a PC, hover over and click the unmute button. If the cursor remains the default pointer, it will redirect to another site, so click on it and press (Ctrl+W) to return to the previous player’s site.

For mobile users, simply tap on the tabs, close any ad site tabs, and navigate back to the previous player’s site.

Repeat this process until the hand cursor appears on hovering the click unmute button on the PC or the audio starts on the mobile phone. Once it is pressed with the hand cursor it starts playing with audio. 

You can also watch the live streaming on the full screen. Click the expand button just at the bottom right side of the screen, considering when the hand cursor appears. In this way, you can watch the live stream and enjoy the match free of cost.

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1. Is it free to watch matches on this website?

Absolutely! The websites we recommend are 100% free. No subscription fees or hidden charges. Enjoy the matches without spending a penny.

2. Are there any annoying ads on these websites?

No need to worry about annoying ads. The suggested websites provide a clean streaming experience without any disruptive advertisements.

3. How do I choose the channel for commentary in Hindi or any other language?

Once you’re on the player screen, click on the respective channel link. For Hindi commentary, we suggest Star Sports 1 Hindi. Feel free to choose the language that suits you best.

4. Why is the stream initially muted, and how can I unmute it?

The stream is muted by default for a smooth start. To unmute, click on the “CLICK UNMUTE STREAM” button. Ensure the hand cursor appears before clicking to avoid redirects.

5. How can I watch the match in full screen?

To watch in full screen, locate the expand button at the bottom right of the player screen. Click on it for an immersive viewing experience. Remember to follow the same process considering the hand cursor.

Bottom Line:

Enjoy uninterrupted and free live streaming of the World Cup 2023 ODI and T20 matches on the recommended websites. No pesky ads, easy channel selection, and a simple process to unmute the stream for a hassle-free cricket-watching experience. Dive into the excitement without breaking the bank.

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