Market Capitalization Calculator

Market Capitalization Calculator

Market Capitalization Calculator

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Market Capitalization which is also known as ‘Market Cap’, is an assessment that evaluates the size of a publicly traded company. Investors need to assess a company’s size and its worth in the market to make informed investments, and they use this. 

It is computed by multiplying the market value of all outstanding shares of a corporation by their total number. Put more simply, it’s the entire market value of all the company’s shares that are traded. It is essential to understand the company’s position in the financial market.

This is how Market Capitalization is calculated:

Market Cap = Current Share Price × Total Number of Shares Outstanding


How is market capitalization calculated?

The total worth of all of a company’s stock shares is referred to as the market cap, also known as market capitalization. It is computed by multiplying a stock’s price by the total number of shares that are outstanding. A corporation with 20 crore shares, for instance, selling for Rs. 50 each would have a Rs. 1 Arab market capitalization.


What is a market cap calculator?

You can use the market capitalization calculator to determine the market capitalization, often known as market cap, which is the total worth of a company’s outstanding shares. Don’t worry if you don’t know what it is; we’ll explain it in this brief post.


How do you calculate market capitalization without share price?

Using an alternative method, we may determine the market capitalization by deducting the company’s net debt from its enterprise value. This method is the only practical way to calculate equity value for privately held corporations because they don’t have an easily accessible public share price.