NDRRMA Predicts Over 1.8 Million to Be Affected by This Year’s Monsoon: Key Preparations Underway

Over 1.8 million people could be impacted by this year’s monsoon season, according to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority (NDRRMA). Based on the prediction released on Monday, more widespread interruptions will likely occur because of the expected greater rains.

Forecasted Impact of Monsoon SeasonDetails
Total Individuals ImpactedOver 1.8 million
Total Households Impacted412,000 households
Families Directly Affected83,000 families
Households Needing Rescue and Relief18,000 households
Projected Rainfall Increase35-55 percent above average
Previous Year’s ImpactEstimated: 1.2 million; Actual: 2 million

Dr. Disan Bhattarai, an NDRRMA official, said the excessive rains could affect over 1.8 million people across 412,000 households. Of these, 83,000 families are projected to be directly affected, with 18,000 houses potentially requiring rescue and relief activities.

Looking back to the previous year, Dr. Bhattarai said that although the initial projection was for 1.2 million people to be impacted, the real figure was closer to two million. According to the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology, rainfall this year could exceed the average by 35–55 percent.

All authorities engaged have been advised to take the necessary safety measures due to the increased risk. Dr. Bhattarai stated that the Home Ministry’s national action plan for monsoon preparations and response is by these preparation efforts.

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