Top 10 tech news websites in Asian countries

Asia is a technological innovation powerhouse, with several venues devoted to disseminating the most recent developments and perspectives. Here, we examine the top 10 tech news websites from around Asia, each of which has significantly influenced the story of the region’s thriving tech industry. 

These platforms are an invaluable resource for tech lovers, industry professionals, and curious minds who want to remain up to date on the newest technical breakthroughs. They offer everything from in-depth studies to real-time updates.


Tech in Asia (Singapore)

Leading platform Tech in Asia focuses on innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology news while covering a wide range of issues related to the technology industry. The site receives a lot of attention because of its thorough coverage of Asian tech-related topics. As a result of its intelligent viewpoints and high-quality information, it has become a highly respected source in the tech community.

Bangkok Post Tech (Thailand)

Bangkok Post Tech, which focuses on technological news and advancements in Thailand, is a respected information source. Although precise traffic statistics are not easily accessible, the Bangkok Post as a whole is regarded as a respectable publication, indicating that its technology section probably has a sizable readership. The site is well-known for its thorough reporting on regional tech news.

Gadgetguff (Nepal)

Gadgetguff is a Nepali-focused website that offers gadget reviews, lessons, and tech-related information tailored to the local audience. It may not have a lot of traffic, but Nepali IT aficionados can benefit much from it as a resource. The portal is a go-to resource for people in Nepal who are interested in gadgets and technology because of its specialized content.

VietnamNet Technology (Vietnam)

VietnamNet Technology is a well-known online newspaper that has a specific section for Vietnamese technology news and updates. The site receives a lot of traffic and is respected for covering a wide range of subjects, including technology. It is essential for informing the Vietnamese audience about the most recent advancements in the technology sector.

The Ken (India)

Offering top-notch business insights, startup stories, and technology news in India sets The Ken apart. Although its readership is smaller due to its membership model, the platform manages to keep readers highly interested. For Indian IT and business fans, The Ken is a reliable source due to its extensive research and in-depth analysis.

TechNode (China)

TechNode delves deeply into innovation, market trends, and the Chinese tech ecosystem. It has a sizable following both domestically and abroad and is now considered a reliable source of information about China’s IT scene. The site is well-known for its thorough reporting, which offers an insightful look at the vibrant digital landscape in the nation.

ZDNet Korea (South Korea)

In South Korea, ZDNet Korea is well-known for being a trustworthy source of business insights, industry advancements, and IT trends. ZDNet Korea has a solid reputation in the South Korean tech sector and probably draws a sizable readership interested in learning about the most recent developments in the industry.

Nikkei Asian Review (Japan)

The Nikkei Asian Review is notable for its coverage of Asian and Japanese business and financial news, including technology news. It has a sizable readership worldwide and is well-regarded for its thorough coverage. In the larger Asian context, the site is essential in offering insights into Japan’s tech sector.

Digital Inspiration(India)

In India, Digital Inspiration, a website that offers how-to manuals for mobile apps and consumer software, has become quite popular. India has 600 million smartphone users as per the most recent data, and this figure is increasing by 25 million every quarter1. Platforms like Digital Inspiration provide consumers looking for lessons, tips, and tricks because of the growing use of digital devices and the increasing demand for information. 

KrASIA(Southeast Asia)

KrASIA is a well-known source for business, technology, and startup news in Southeast Asia. KrASIA, which targets a tech-savvy readership interested in the ecosystem of the region, is renowned for its feature pieces and analysis and has made a substantial contribution to the conversation about Southeast Asia’s changing tech scene.

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What are some of the other sites for tech?

Sure, Nikkie Tech Asia and South China Morning Post Tech also provide news on the latest techs and updates.

What language options do these sites have?

Most of the sites are in English, while some of the sites like KrASIA offer additional Asian languages.

Are they country-specific?

They provide news universally on the latest techs and gadgets, however, you can choose the site from your country for more refined news like Gadgetguff for Nepal or VietnamNet Technology for Vietnam.

Are these sites free or have paid access?

Most of these sites are free with ads, and some like The Ken have paid options.

Are these websites mobile-friendly?

Yes, most of them are optimized for mobile devices.

Do any offer accessibility features for visually impaired users?

Some websites, like Tech in Asia, have text-to-speech and other accessibility features.

Which platforms have translated content or multilingual options?

Some websites like VietnamNet Technology offer Vietnamese language options, while others may have translated articles or summaries.


To sum up, the top ten tech news websites in Asian nations provide access to the cutting edge of technological advancement. These platforms are essential for spreading knowledge and encouraging greater awareness of regional tech trends, from the rapidly developing tech centers of Nepal and Vietnam to the busy tech hubs of China and Singapore. 

These websites continue to be essential for informing and inspiring audiences about the ever-expanding possibilities in the world of technology, especially as Asia continues to lead the way in technical breakthroughs.

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